Apie means about in Lithuanian language. This blog is about. About me, about food, about my journey, about You, finding inspiration for your own journey and also about a pie (or rather many of them) which will be enjoyed throughout this adventure.

This blog combines things that I love - food, photography, writing, discovering new things and encouraging people to embark on a lovely adventure in their own kitchen (as well as outside it). I hope to inspire you to create your own unique dishes, to try more of what is unusual to you, find something new to enjoy. While my recipes can be inspired by different cuisines or simply local food they can also be easily adapted to your own preferences. But most of all, with this blog I want to contribute towards a braver and a more connected food-loving community. And I hope you will join me on this journey to live a life full of flavours.

That’s why I am saying hello, my name is Anna and nice to meet you!